Q6 Progress Report

Sunday, 15 March 2015 23:08 Darrin Crone

On Wednesday the driving axle boxes were returned to Grosmont and fitted to the driving wheelset. With the help of NYMR fitter Paul Whickham driving the telehandler Les Harper and Ian Pearson carefully fitted the axleboxes and underkeep trays.

Ian Peason and Les Harper obviously pleased with the progress they made fitting the driving axleboxes - Nigel Hall

Once the horn liners are shimmed to suit the wheelset it can be fitted. On Wednesday Chris Lawson removed the left hand horn liner and I cut a shim to fit. On Saturday James Pearcy fitted the shim and moved on to the right hand. Unfortunately one of the right hand shim bolts requires replacement so the shimming of this horn could not be completed.

Chris Lawson expertly tightening the crankpin nut using the copper hammer before measuring the side rod bush clearance - Nigel Hall

Also on Wednesday Chris Lawson tried the right hand driving side rod and leading left hand bushes in position. The clearances were measured and recorded. All side rod bushes have now been tried on and are ready to press into the side rods.

Mike Oliver and the overhauled gauges - Darrin Crone

Mike Oliver continued to clean the cab and the firehole heat shield is being prepared for painting by Alan Hardie. The heat shield looks very battered so will need quite a bit of work.

Though heavily disguised there's no mistaking Alan Hardie as he cleans down the heat shield - James Pearcy

Nigel Hall with the help of Derek Shorten continued his sterling work applying paint to the tender. The underneath of the tender particularly toward the front, the wet end, has lost a lot of paint and shows lots of surface corrosion. Nigel has taken large areas back to sound material and is applying a protective coating. I must also thank Nigel for acting as RO for Saturday.

Hall has been touching up the paintwork on the Q6 throughout the winter maintenance. - James Pearcy

The front grate bearer was replaced on Saturday with new material by James Pearcy helped by Alan Hardie. It was clamped in place and firebars tried in for fit. Happily everything fits fine, the bearer being positioned with a spirit level! The material around the bearer has been prepared so the bearer can now be welded in place.

James Pearcy fabricated and fitted a new grate bearer bar. - James Pearcy

There's still plenty of work to do for all abilities to complete the loco for service so if you are available to help please contact NELPG.

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