K1 Situation

Monday, 06 April 2015 20:08 Chris Lawson

Following the suspension of the West Coast Track Access Agreement (TAA) by Network Rail on Thursday night, the planned K1 move from Tyseley to York on 3 April, in preparation for the Wansbeck railtour the next day, did not take place. To return it to the NYMR in time to meet its commitments to operate over the Spring Galas on 17th -19th and 24th -26th April, arrangements are being made to move the K1 by road as soon as possible, bearing in mind the inevitable delays caused by the Easter holiday weekend.

Particular thanks are due to the support crew who were at Tyseley when this suspension was notified, and to Allan Wilson who stayed over with the NELPG car to ensure that transport was available to get everyone back to the North East in the absence of the planned K1 move.

Information about the West Coast TAA suspension and the Wansbeck railtour can be found on the respective West Coast and Railway Touring Company websites.