Q6 Progress - of sorts

Monday, 06 April 2015 20:55 Darrin Crone

The Q6 was moved onto wheeldrops this week to refit the driving wheelset. While the engine was shunted into position the working party unsheeted the wheelset in excited anticipation. In Deviation workshop the spring hanger bolts were cleaned off by Mike Oliver, Bryan Orange and Chris Lawson. We collected the tools we thought we'd need, put them in a barrow and went up to the wheel drop. ...

the Grosmont wheeldrop Wednesday 1st April 2015 - Chris Lawson

Meanwhile Derek Shorten cleaned of the pipe work that will be refitted after the wheelset is replaced. Mike Oliver has now varnished the cab sandbox tops. The cab has never looked better.

The cracked hornstay 1st April 2015 - Chris Lawson

Back at the wheeldrop the NYMR fitters removed the hornstays only to find the left hand hornstay to be cracked. The crack runs through a bolt hole. Examining the stay closely shows signs of a number of previous weld repairs. As it is not practical to refit the wheelst until we have hornstays fit for traffic the right hand hornstay was refitted after testing for cracks and a temporary stay was quickly made and fitted to the left hand side. This is a very disappointing development and will add a couple of weeks to our return to steam. After discussing our options with the NYMR MPD I took the failed stay to a welding specialist for them to examine and see if it is worth repairing. We may yet have a new one manufactured. When it is returned it will require fitting and may require new fitted bolts. Fortunately we have a stock of bolts from the last overhaul which are kept at Hopetown.

The cracked hornstay 1st April 2015 - Chris Lawson

It's not all bad news as elsewhere progress has been made. The right hand trailing rod was taken to Richard Campbell's by Nigel Hall. Richard has now completed the repair found necessary behind the crankpin nut and it can be brought back to Grosmont this week. A new gradient pin cotter has been made for the right hand side rods so these can now be assembled.

It is planned to have working parties Wednesday and Saturday this week. We will also have to get the rod from Richard Campbell's. The cocar should be available Wednesday so would it be possible to collect the rod Wednesday.

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