Q6 developments

Sunday, 12 April 2015 10:40 Darrin Crone

The Q6 languishes on the NYMR wheeldrop at Grosmont waiting for its driving wheelset to be fitted. Unfortunately this can't be done until the failed hornstay is replaced. It has now been decided to manufacture a new one.

The old one was so badly cracked and showed signs of being welded a number of times before. I am due to collect the roughed out stay on Monday 13th April and take it for machining. Machining is due to be completed by the end of the week so it should be available for fitting on Friday or Saturday. Fitting will require reaming of the holes through frames and hornstay and final machining of the fitted bolts. So I need the help of a team with experience of this type of fitting.

Derek Shorten cleaning connecting rods. Derek has tirelessly and without complaint cleaned the loco and its components week after week. 8/4/15 - Chris Lawson

We have still had productive working parties this week. Nigel Hall and Chris Lawson continueed painting and Mike Oliver continues his work in the cab. Derek Shorten has cleaned off the connecting and siderods. The repaired siderod was returned from Richard Campbell's on Wednesday by Brian Armstrong and joined to the other right hand siderods.

Ian Pearson has prepared a set of oiling felts for the rods and on Wednesday tested the oil feeds from the driving axlebox tops to the horn and boss faces. Also this week we took delivery of some oil filler fittings it is planned to put in the driving axlebox cover plates to enable drivers to easily fill the axlebox tops with oil while keeping the dirt out.

Les Harper expertly fitted the cotter off loco 3444 completing the assembly of the right hand siderods. 11/4/15 - Darrin Crone

On Saturday Les Harper and James Pearcy fitted the last 2 siderod cotters so all siderods are ready for refitting. We just wait for a loco with a full set of wheels, which provided we can get a hornstay fitting crew might be possible in a week and a half.

James Pearcy fitted a new cotter replacing a cracked old cotter to the right hand side rods. Les Harper next to 3444's cotter. The rods show the benefit of Derek Shorten's cleaning. 11/4/15 - Darrin Crone

With the regular working parties at Grosmont we have also seen a progressive improvement in the workshop. Bryan Orange has started to fit new tool storage rails and the biscuit tin is now regularly replenished. The pit vacated by the Q6 has also been cleaned out.