Q6 Progress

Sunday, 19 April 2015 22:21 Darrin Crone

On Monday I collected the profiled blank which will form the new Q6 hornstay from Creative Cutting at South Bank. I then delivered it, with the original hornstay, to M-Machine of Darlington who have agreed to machine the new hornstay using the original as a pattern. It was ready by the end of the week. I will collect it early next week for fitting.

On Wednesday Mike Oliver started measuring up the Q6 cab floor as we intend to replace it while we wait for the wheelset to be replaced. Ian Pearson has now fitted the axlebox top oilers and continued fitting new oil felts to the side rods. Derek Shorten has cleaned out the siderod oil reservoirs and refitted the caps. The reservoir restrictors and pins have also been cleaned and checked.

On Friday the Q6 reached new heights when the driving wheelset was used to test the Grosmont steam crane.

Grosmont stream crane lifts Q6 driving wheelset Friday 17 April 2015 - Darrin Crone

Next week the new hornstay will be fitted which will allow the driving wheelset to be finally fitted. When this is completed the loco will be returned to Deviation shed and reassembly can begin in earnest.