K1 back in traffic

Tuesday, 21 April 2015 07:49 Paul Hutchinson

The Chairman writes: "I would add my thanks, too. Well done to all who have helped out. Because of your efforts, this is a sample of what we can all enjoy - the K1 leaving Sleights today."

The K1 leaving Sleights - John Hunt

Following a few problems with the loco encountered when it returned to the NYMR by road, and a very productive working party on Saturday to sort the majority of these out, and with excellent cooperation form the NYMR shed staff (thanks are particularily due to Clive and Pau), the loco went into traffic on the NYMR on Sunday. It is now likely to work through until the end of the second part of the NYMR spring gala (finishing on 26th April) following which it will be withdrawn for 28day exam/washout.

Driver Terry Newman brings the K1 past Grosmont MPD with the 2.30pm departure from Grosmont to Pickering 22-04-2015 - Chris Lawson

Now turned to face south, the K1 waits at Pickering with Black 5 45407  to go onto the next train north, Sunday 19th - Rowland Bingham

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