Joem returns to Hopetown

Thursday, 14 May 2015 16:04 Mr Administrator

Joem returned to Hopetown from the Epping and Ongar Light Railway today for investigation and repair of the cylinder block fault which developed whilst away.

Joem arrives at Hopetown Carrage Works on a Reid Freight low loader - Nigel Hall

The J27 tender frames outside Hopetown entrance. Note the thickness gauge mesurments near the steps - Chris Lawson

Front of J27 tender frames showing cut away section Hopetown - Chris Lawson

Testing the new spectator seating whilst watching the shunt at Hopetown. The Journals are well greased; Hughy's underpants are in the boil wash - Chris Lawson

J72 and A1 tender at Hopetown - Chris Lawson

J72 and A1 tender at Hopetown - Chris Lawson

The ramp being laid for unloading - Nigel Hall

Labour is not working - Nigel Hall

Close scrutiny of the J72 being unloaded at Hopetown - Chris Lawson

Joem is lowered down the ramp - Nigel Hall

After shunting into the workshop the smokebox door was soon removed and Harry Sams started work removing concrete from the smokebox floor.  The investigation of the damage is now underway.

Harry Sams digs the concrete from the floor of the smoke box - Nigel Hall

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