Q6 Progress

Sunday, 17 May 2015 22:39 Darrin Crone

On Wednesday Dave Donegan lead the team in getting the driving springs up. Following this success the brake and steam heat pipes were put up and then the brake pull rods. New fitted bolts were fitted to the new hornstay previously held in place by temporary bolts. There are now no major mechanical components to add to the loco.

The loco has been coupled to the tender but the coupling has not been fully tightened as leaving it loose makes it easier to weigh. Weighing is required as we have had driving and leading springs off.

Mike Oliver has began to assemble a new floor for the centre section of the cab. The side boxes in the cab look resplendent even though we have retained the heritage woodwork.

Nigel Hall has supervised the polishing of the tender and apart from the odd signs of wear it is as black and shiny as the boiler painted last year.

Terry Newman delivered to Grosmont the kit of parts that form the structure of the new spark arrester and Paul Swainston tried some of the parts in place. Unfortunately the top fouls some studs on the superheater header so will require modification.

On Saturday Andy Lowes started to fit the taper pins to the side rods and big ends and Bryan Orange started to split pin between the frames.