Visit to Crewe to see J27 Boiler Progress

Monday, 23 November 2015 18:09 Neal Woods

On 21st November, Neal Woods and John Graham visited LNWR Crewe to see progress with the J27 boiler. Here are some photographs of the work in progress.

The new tube plate on the former ready for forming next week - Neal Woods

You can see the transition from the thick area of the tubes to the thinner area of the flanges being dressed on the plate - Neal Woods

The back head showing the machined flanges to which the clack boxes etc. are fastened - Neal Woods

Refurbished pipe work between fire box and dome - Neal Woods

The new crown stays in situ - Neal Woods

New stays in the door plate also showing where the door plate has been buttered up to increase its thickness - Neal Woods

An enlarged view of the buttering - Neal Woods

An elarged view of the stays in the wrapper plate - Neal Woods

The front of the smoke box showing where new flanges will be required as old ones are badly wasted - Neal Woods

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