J72 Steam Test

Sunday, 13 March 2016 22:10 Colin Smith

On Thursday 13th March the J72 was lit up again for the NELPG steam test.

The J72 raising steam outside door to Hopetown Carriage Works - Colin Smith

The train of J72, J27 tender frames and the shunter - Colin Smith

Malcky Simpson extracted the J27 tender frames with the shunter  and took them up the head shunt to allow the J72 to come out.

J72 sunting the J27 tender frames back into the carriage works - Colin Smith

The J72 then picked up the frames and shunted them into the workshop.

Stretching its legs along the running line - Colin Smith

A few trips up and down the running line to check things over.

More fuel required - Colin Smith

J72 reshedded. Derek Norris inspects the residue of the wood pile - Colin Smith

Return to the workshop with a short repair list prior to the insurance company examination.

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