J72's visit to Tanfield

Friday, 17 September 2010 10:18 Mr Administrator

Here are some photographs taken during August and Setember when the J72 was at the Tanfield Railway.

About to depart Locomotion - Richard Pearson

J72 being unloaded at Tanfield - Richard Pearson

J72 is shunted to Marley Hill shed - Richard Pearson

Twizell at Andrew"s House - Dave Whitfield

J72 in Marley Hill Shed with Hawthorn Leslie 0-6-0ST at start of its restoration - Dave Whitfield

Renishaw Ironworks and J72 inside Marley Hill shed - Dave Whitfield

J72 receiving the single line token from the signalman at Marley Hill box - Colin Smith

Running round at Marley Hill box - David Crockit

J72 in Marley Hill yard - David Crockit

J72 double heading a coal train with Twizell - Dave Pearson

J72, steam and smoke - David Crockit

69023 Joem and Twizell Marley Hill - Nigel Bill

J72 with coal train at Tanfield East - Peter J Robinson

69023 in Marley Hill Depot - Nigel Bill

J72 about to leave Marley Hill shed - Dave Whitfield

J72 and Uncle Terry with coal train at Bowes Bridge - Peter J Robinson

J72 with a coal train - Dave Whitfield

69023 Joem and Renishaw Ironworks departs E Tanfield - Nigel Bill

Low sun in Marley Hill yard - Dave Whitfield

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