The NYMR Autumn Gala

Monday, 04 October 2010 00:00 Mr Administrator

Old friends who once shared the Hopetown Carrage works were reunited at Grosmont for the Autumn Gala.



Joem and Tornado playing Thomas and Gordon at Grosmont 2nd October. 'I wish I had your cleaner.' said Joem 'Mine left my rods and burnished hinges all rusty.' - Ron Robinson

A little earlier the Q6 arrived bringing the freight train.

Q6 brings the freight train into Grosmont, seen here releasing the single line token - Ron Robinson

J72 comes out of platform 3 to collect freight - Ron Robinson

J72 backing onto the freight wagons in platform 2 - Ron Robinson

J72 pulling freight out of platform 2 - Ron Robinson

J72 pushing freight into platform 1 - Ron Robinson

Whilst the J72 waits in platform 1, the A1 departs from platform 2 - Ron Robinson

Earlier in the day, the J72 had brought stock into platform 2.

J72 brings up the stock - Ron Robinson

Steam brake on - Ron Robinson

J72 poses in platform 2 with the train- Ron Robinson

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