NELPG 50th Anniversary Tea Train

Sunday, 10 April 2016 11:30 John Midcalf

Some photographs of the 50th anniversary Tea Train.

Grosmont 63395 arrives light engine for Tea Train - John Midcalf

Chairman watches the secretary exchange the lamp for a headboard - John Midcalf

63395 awaits departure with the Tea Train with ordinary freight lamp code - John Midcalf

NELPG 50 Tea Train passengers at Pickering - John Hunt

Passengers make their way to the cake cutting after the group shot. 63395 arrived at Pickering with express passenger lamp code - John Midcalf

The President gives a short speech - John Midcalf

The cake is cut - John Midcalf

63395 runs around the train prior to departure for Grosmont - John Midcalf

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