K1 Heads North

Wednesday, 18 May 2016 08:52 Mr Administrator

The K1 departed from Grosmont yesterday at 07.48 and headed north towards Fort William.

With the chairman hanging out of the cab, the K1 and support coach pass Birtley - Colin Smith

The K1 passes Frankland Bridge, Durham - Dr David Wood (who apologises about the bush that jumped up in front of hos camera)

Royal Mail Low Fell taking water - John Midcalf

Lockerby taking water - John Midcalf

Approaching Craigandoran along Clyde estuary - John Midcalf

Taking water at Craigandoran - John Midcalf

Train 5Z25 was reported to have arrived at Fort William Junction Yard at 00.24 - 3 minutes late.

It has been further reported that the K1 worked its first Jacobite of the season on Thursday 19th May.

On a grey day, 62005 prepares for its first Jacobite run - John Midcalf

After its second Jacobite trip of the season, 62005 makes its way to the ash pit - John Midcalf

The K1 is now due to work the Jacobite week on week off (apart from a short break in September) until the end of October when it is scheduled to return to the NYMR to take part in the Groups 50th anniversary celebrations.

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