Report of Board Meeting held 9th September 2019

Friday, 20 December 2019 13:57 Roy Marshall Committee Reports

Minutes of the meeting of NELPG Ltd

7.30 pm, 9 September 2019

Middlesbrough Municipal Golf Centre

Present: Bill Dobson, Colin Foxton, Nigel Hall, Chris Lawson, Roy Marshall and Ian Storey.

The Chairman thanked Board members, particularly Colin Foxton, who had chaired meetings, for maintaining continuity during his unavoidable absence.

1. Apologies for Absence –Apologies for absence were received from Nigel Bill, John Hunt, Paul Hutchinson, Richard Pearson and Richard Wheeler. Richard Pearson called by mobile briefly for coverage of some items.

2. Declarations of Interest – There were no declarations of interest.

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting – The minutes of the 12 August meeting were not yet available.

At this point, Richard Pearson called and the following items were discussed:

3.1 Volunteers for the Santa Specials at the Wensleydale Railway – it was agreed that the volunteers rostered for the August services could be contacted and given contact details for Mark O’Brien, so that they could contact him, if interested. Action: Secretary.

3.2 There was a brief discussion of the reports and the responsibility for reporting on Steve Hyman’s accident. The hire agreement with the Wensleydale was very clear on this being their responsibility and their safety officer was fully engaged in this. A review of the J27 operations at the Wensleydale was to be organised, involving Richard Pearson, James Pearcy and the Secretary. Action: Secretary.

3.3 The J27 would need to be ready for traffic by Easter 2020, because of the event planned to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Wilson Worsdell on 13th April 2020. Relatives of both TW and Wilson Worsdell had been invited to attend, along with the Press. Winter maintenance would need to be organised to ensure completion in plenty of time. Action: Richard Pearson.

4. Matters Arising Not Covered Elsewhere

4.1 The Diner was sold out, with a reserve list in case of any cancellations. Arrangements for 2020 were discussed, given the demand for tickets, but it was resolved that there should be no preferential treatment for any class of members. The K1 would be on the train. Derek Norris’ ashes were to be put in the firebox during the journey and his family were our invited guests. The family had made a donation of £500 to the Group.

4.2 The contacts given in News for working parties needed to be updated. Subject to confirmation with him - Action: Secretary - it was suggested that Ian Pearson be the contact for Grosmont (he is effectively doing this already). Although no contact was agreed for Hopetown (because openings are advertised by email, and cancellations similarly), subject to a conversation with Fred Ramshaw, his contact details would be removed. Action: Chairman. The Newsletter Editor would be informed.

4.3 The NELPG day (Thursday 26th September) of the NYMR Gala was discussed. It had been suggested that the footplate passes held for our locomotives could be offered to working members, in thanks for their efforts to keep them in revenue-earning service. The NYMR would allow this on the Thursday only. Applicants would need to have good fitness, eyesight and hearing. Hi-vis would need to be worn. An email would be sent to the workers list. Action: Secretary.

4.4 The Chairman had succeeded in tracing the relatives of Sir Vincent Raven. A special train in his honour was to be arranged.

5. Finance

5.1 The Monthly Finance Report had been circulated by the Treasurer. The following points were discussed:

5.1.1 The T2 cylinder repair had been paid by NELPG to expedite receipt by the contractor. The payment would be reclaimed from NYMR.

5.1.2 The June invoice was outstanding from NYMR.

5.1.3 A £500 donation (see 4.1) had yet to be added to the legacy fund.

5.1.4 It was rumoured that the NYMR hourly charge-out rate was to be increased from August, but no formal notification had been received.

5.1.5 It was agreed that the Safety Officer could proceed with the work to correct a known fault on the NW door to Deviation Shed at a cost of £1,950. Action: Secretary to inform Safety Officer.

5.1.6 The K1 overhaul costs had been finalised at £600 over budget. It was agreed that completion on time, in difficult circumstances, within 1% of budget was a creditable achievement. The Treasurer would be asked to cover this in his report for News. Action: Secretary.

6. Articles of Association

6.1 Health matters and the pressure of his day job had prevented progress. A report would be made at the October meeting. Action: Vice Chairman.

7. Health and Safety Policies for Review

7.1 The Steve Hyman accident was returned to. The meeting expressed wishes for a speedy recovery – several Board members had written to Steve. Steve had reported that he still had some pain and that there was a possibility of tendon damage. There had been exchanges with Terry Larder, the Wensleydale Safety Officer and a report to him from Richard Pearson was to be submitted. ORR wanted a report from the Wensleydale by 30th September. Action: Richard Pearson. The Chairman said that he intended to draft a job description for the Owner’s Representative role, distinguishing between NYMR, Wensleydale and Jacobite operations. Discussion then turned to H&S policies and Risk Assessments. It was agreed that many of these needed urgent review and better visibility, plus some means of recording that working members had signed to indicate they had read and would abide by them. Colin Foxton offered to sketch out a method of dealing with this. Action Colin Foxton. It was also agreed that the H&S policy needed to “live” outside of the LMP. Standard review dates should not be included on these documents: they should be reviewed on a regular basis, as and when appropriate.

7.2 The Deviation Shed User Agreement, prepared by the Safety Officer, was approved.

7.3 The revised Child Protection Policy was also approved. Nigel Hall suggested the addition of a 1 page appendix to show responsibilities at a glance. He offered to draft something. Action: Nigel Hall. In the meantime, however, the policy was approved for use.

8. Business by Email

8.1 The matters tabled on the agenda, ICE arrangements and the proposals for the WBG collection, had been discussed and agreement confirmed at the last meeting.

9. Any Essential Locomotive Updates

9.1 J72 – A meeting had been held at Hopetown immediately prior to the Board meeting and attended by Ian Storey, Neal Woods, Colin Foxton and Roy Marshall. The meeting had discussed the cylinder block and the ITT for the boiler repair. The meeting had felt that the cylinder block did not need to be replaced, but should be treated to prevent further corrosion around the area of the original hole in the top, in particular.

9.2 The Board expressed a number of residual concerns. A written recommendation from the engineering leads on the cylinder block should be submitted to the Board (and the Board might take other non-engineering risks into account). The ITT needed to cover the duration of validity of the quotation, resolution of the “EU origin” and state planned dates clearly. Dave Pennock had offered to review the ITT, taking account of his career in managing railway projects and his view of lessons learned from the J27 exercise. Arrangements for project management need to be confirmed with a clear overall project lead.

Action: Secretary to obtain comments from Dave Pennock and to arrange a further review of the ITT.
Action: Ian Storey to speak to Neal Woods.
Action: Chairman to speak to Fred Ramshaw.

9.3 The Locomotive Caretaker job title was discussed – the consensus was that it did not need to be changed.

9.4 The Chairman had received comments from Bill Dobson and Paul Hutchinson on the NYMR Collaboration Agreement, which he would recirculate when he had applied any required changes. It was observed that crews should sign for their locomotives, so that responsibilities were clear day to day.

9.5 K1 Hire by GCR – £900 per day was confirmed as the rate for this hire.

10. Any Other Business

10.1 The Secretary said that it was planned to take the sales stand to Locomotion on 21st and 22nd September and to the Spennymoor Model Railway Exhibition on 2nd and 3rd of November. No other commitments were possible at this point.

10.2 Nigel Hall confirmed that he would be running down his Hopetown involvement over his continuing concerns about definition of responsibility for the RO and the failure to identify a suitable candidate.

Date of Next Meeting – 14 October 2019

The meeting closed at 10.00pm.

Signed (Chairman) Date

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