Tuesday 16th February

Thursday, 18 February 2021 00:00 Paul Hutchinson J27 Blog

Saturday’s working party was Richard De Sadeleer, Neal Woods, Chris H, Mike Bloomfield, Dr Pearson, Angie and me. Richard, Neal and Chris concentrated on the J27 and the rest of us on the K1. Friday and Saturday in particular were very cold – if it got above freezing it did not feel like it!

The work on the locos:

  1. Cylinder bores and big end clearances measured.
  2. Big end brasses examined and white metal tidied up
  3. One valve extracted, rings removed and all components cleaned.
  4. Draw bar pins cleaned and satisfactorily die pen tested
  5. Secondary draw bar cleaned and satisfactorily die pen tested.
  6. Main draw bar cleaned and loaded into company van – to be straightened at Graythorpe Forge.

Unfortunately it was not possible to remove the front buffer beam as had been planned as the loco needs to be moved onto road 4 in the running shed first. It is hoped to remove the buffer beam and the LH cross head, which needs attention this coming weekend.