Sunday 28th March 2021

Thursday, 01 April 2021 22:02 Chris Henwood J27 Blog

Here are some bullet points summarising jobs done since the last reports and current situation.

After the bore work is complete, we will have to rebuild the front end and both motions. (Lots of measuring, fitting and lifting heavy bits in very awkward positions to be done here).

After the insurance cold exam we will be busy preparing the loco for a steam test of course.

Aesthetic improvements to the loco of course including rectifying damaged paint. The Tender top paint needs sorting out as a means of protection, whereas other components may just require touching up as working members see fit..

Cylinder bore work

Boring machine set up in right hand cylinder - Chris Henwood

Cold Exam Preparation

The clean fire box with clean roof stays and oiled tube plate - Chros Henwood

Other Stuff

The steam heat and boiler gauges after calibration - Chris Henwood

Vacuum brake gauge after calibration - Chris Henwood

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