5th May 2021

Friday, 07 May 2021 08:41 Chris Henwood J27 Blog

A great effort from a team, essentially made up of NYMR volunteers this bank holiday weekend, to get the Pistons and Valves ringed and inserted into the Cylinder Block, and to prepare for the boilers 'Cold' exam on Tuesday.

It is a shame that no one from NELPG was around to join in what was a very good, hands on and 'educational' weekend.

On Tuesday, the J27 passed it cold exam by Glyn Coxall, the BV insurance inspector, with myself, Richard de Sadeleer and Tom Noble in attendance.

Although there is a nice 'regular' team working on the locomotive who are committed until we steam the thing, it is a shame that working members of our own group are not participating as well..

There is something for everyone to do, and you're own experience and input would be very much appreciated as we put our 'kit of parts' back together.

I am in Scotland for two weeks now, but working parties will continue as usual. if you would like to get involved could you contact myself please, then I can organise working parties remotely

You could also speak directly to Neal Woods who will be RO for the working party days, or Richard de Sadeleer or Robson Hewitson, who are well up to date with what needs to be done, and are likely to be involved in the coming weeks. We can make arrangements for working parties anytime essentially, to suit you, so long as there is a NELPG RO available, or an agreed person from the shed to 'supervise'.