25th May 2021

Sunday, 30 May 2021 13:27 Chris Henwood J27 Blog

Exam date:

Bill Dobson is pushing for a joint insurance steam exam date for the P3 and the T2 during the week beginning 7th of June, this gives us approximately 2 weeks to be ready. Hopefully we will enter traffic soon after, providing we don't have too many defects of course.


It was great to finally meet and work with our groups Membership Secretary, Colin Smith on Saturday. Mid morning we were joined by a gang of footplate cleaners, and together we made progress on refitting the inner most buffer beam plate, and made a good start setting up a few other jobs. The safety valve bosses were cleaned up and the safety valves themselves, pre made gaskets (thanks Neal), nuts and washers were brought down and are now securely sat on the running board ready for fitting. The piston packings and followers were cleaned up and are in situ in the block ready to be properly fitted. The first coat of primer was applied to the loco/tender draw bar. Colin degreased and wire wheeled every one of the fixings for the buffer beam assembly. After the inner most section was fitted on Saturday, a couple of sporadic hours on Monday and Tuesday evening and a bit if daytime assistance from the MPD meant that as of Tuesday evening, the full buffer beam was on and the drawbar fitted to allow the locomotive to be shunted to 5 Road, which should be happening tomorow.

Potential Working party days

(For anyone who hasn't been to Grosmont for a while, sign in at the MPD, sign in at deviation shed, take temperatures, and wear a mask and do the usual Covid routine, we are all well rehearsed at this now of course!)

James Pearcy and I will be in this coming Saturday if anybody wants to join us?

I will then be available to be on shed Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday.

The focus of the week will mainly be to work with the MPD boilersmiths to box the boiler up, get concrete into the smokebox, and have a steam test before the exam date.

The rest of the time will be used to fit the motion, and finish any jobs associated with the smokebox, buffer beam, and cab. We will have to have a shunt to reunite the loco and tender at some point aswell.

The progress and natural flow of the work load will probably dictate start and finish times, and potential days off for me at least, but if anyone wants to come and work on a certain day and work between specific times, I will work around you of course! just let me know when you're free and I'll provide an up to date list of jobs for you to decide what you'd like to do.. it will be good to see you, and we'll have some good working days hopefully.

We can even go and sit INSIDE the crossing club afterwards and try very hard not to drink all of the very good Beer on offer, before the drive home!

List of jobs

Cylinder block.

Buffer Beam.





Motion/Running gear.

Look forward to catching up with you all, Spending a few days working on our engine, drinking some crap tea and trying not to say 'I can't believe its June already!?' too much.

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