Tursday 8th June 2021

Saturday, 12 June 2021 17:51 Chris Lawson J27 Blog

Tuesday was a very warm day at Grosmont with Paul Hutchinson, Steve Gibson, Les Harper, and Fin Allen working on the J27, with Chris Henwood joining them later in the afternoon after work. With Fin also working on the Wednesday, most of the jobs on Chris’s list have been completed with only a small number still outstanding. The bolts for the front buffer beam were due to be available by the end of the week, and boxing up the boiler was on target for being done next week. Representatives of the North Tyneside Railway are due to visit Grosmont next Wednesday (16th) for a look see before the J27 is due to be moved there in the week beginning 5 July to participate in the Association's 30th Anniversary Gala at North Shields over the weekend of 9-11 July. It will return to the NYMR during the next week, so only a short staycation.

Chris's job list referred to above:

  1. Fit front valve covers - (Nuts etc in Red box)
  2. Fit valve packing and followers
  3. Fit associated motion and oil pipes.
  4. Cotters and secondary cotters are in the buckets on the running boards. Split pin as required.
  5. Drain cock linkages (some on wall next to engine)
  6. Drain Cock pipes in Buckets
  7. Both little end pins are fitted but need flogging up, and cotters fitting (In the Buckets)
  8. Big end taper pin top nuts need nipping up, this will require pinching the loco back and forward as necessary to get purchase on the nuts.
  9. Fettle boiler doors and blue in
  10. Fit front running board
  11. Nip up all buffer beam nuts - split pins as required.
  12. Fit vac and steam heat pipes and clips etc
  13. Concrete smoke box
  14. Box up
  15. Fit cab floor sections
  16. Reunite loco and tender, draw bars in deviation shed, pins in Cab and Tender floor.