J27 - 2/3 November 2021

Friday, 05 November 2021 22:16 Chris Lawson J27 Blog

Chris Henwood had emailed a list of jobs. Steve Hyman therefore removed the tender steam heat valve which was blowing by when the valve on the tender was shut. It was stripped down, cleaned, put back together, and refitted.

Ed Bolam and Ian Pearson removed the slacker pipe valve, as Ian could remember from driving the J27 previously, that the centre of the body was leaking steam and water slightly, so a copper washer was fitted. The valve was then refitted into the boss on the injector feed pipe, but it was found to be very slack on the threads until it was near the end of the thread: then it was in a position where it was difficult to operate. So it was removed and given to David Potter, our new engineering expert, who confirmed the threads were rounded ie they were shot! As a result, Ian took it to the machine shop to see if Owain could do anything with it. He may be able to remove the existing threaded piece of metal and fit a new brass fitting if there is enough metal in the valve. We will find out next week.

In the meantime, Nigel Hall removed all the ash from the J27 smokebox and gave it a really good clean. He also fitted a chimney cap which he secured with a rope. The intention is to brush a thin layer of wet concrete over the casting, then a layer of broken brick arch, and finally a layer of concrete.