J27 working parties

Friday, 19 November 2021 20:16 Chris Henwood J27 Blog

Just a reminder to working members that you are more than welcome to come to Grosmont shed, on any weekday that you are free, and work on your locomotive. The j27 is currently sat in the running shed along with 5 other locomotives, all under going maintenence to some degree.

There is a good atmosphere on shed at this time of year, and it really would be good to see you down here. There's plenty to do if you're wanting a good days graft, and if not, the Tea Urn is always on the boil if you just want a change of scenery, a cup of tea and a catch up with some light jobs to be on with. Every little helps of course!.

If its a cold day, the fires are lit to keep the chill off inside. If its warm, then the doors are open and the autumn colours in the valley make for a nice background to our recently reorganised and cleaned out Running Shed. Just let me know if you fancy a day in grosmont.

Nik Procter was down last week for a day, and remarked something along the lines of 'I've had a great day just pottering about on shed'.. it is great that we as volunteers get the opportunity to have days like that.

Aswell as the Mechanical work listed in my previous email, there are some good Paint jobs to be on with aswell. The tender front and floor really need a good base coat aswell as some top coat, as alot of it is work to bare metal now, and the buffer beams really could do with a decent top coat again - especially the front beam after last winter work. Feel free to add any embellishments ('j27' 'S Dock' etc etc) aslong as it is (was) authentic, and in keeping with its current livery.

In addition to the usual Wednesday working parties (with the Q6 regulars), Richard de Sadleer was on shed last Friday. His mission for the day was to remove, strip, service and exam the Steam Heat safety valve assembly. By close of play that day the cleaned valve components had been photographed (with a view to showing the insurance inspector early next year.) The reported leak from the feed pipe union had been repaired and the valve was reassembled and fitted. An important job ticked off, Many thanks to Richard for this.

Thankyou to everyone on the Wednesday regular team for their efforts on the J27 in between jobs on the Q6, the smoke box concrete work is complete and will make disposals a lot easier now!

Obviously Covid is still an important consideration but one that we are all absolutley accustomed to by now. The Railway as a whole including the shed are still vigilant and test regularly, and hand sanitiser is still prominent in wash rooms and signing on points. It is still important to get in touch prior to coming along for days work, even if its just a short email or message, so we all know who is attending, and you can be assured it is safe to do so.