J27 update and winter

Thursday, 28 October 2021 00:00 Chris Henwood J27 Blog


The J27 is currently spare, stabled on 6 Road outside Deviation Shed and has one day steaming remaining of this 28 day cycle. It has had a busy couple of months hauling the now reduced 5 coach Whitby trains, and regularly hauling Moorlander Dining trains.

While sat spare, it has been partially rigged up with Power Cables and Brackets in readiness to be decked out with LED light fittings, if required to take over for 92134 on the 'Train of lights' job at the South end of the railway, in the event that the 9f fails and needs to be stopped for any reason.

As we approach November, and the first period of winter maintenance, we have already effectively doubled last years running days (we only got 30 low mileage days out of it in 2020) and on top of that we can expect to get more miles in during December, on the Grosmont based Santa Specials. This festive shuttle working to Goathland and back will be shared with little 29; meanwhile the 9f and Q6 are booked to haul the Pickering/Levisham trains.
Services on the NYMR stop on the 24th of December this year, and there is not going to be any running between Christmas and New Year.

Winter Plan

Following a boiler washout, I think our best course of action would be to get the annual Backhead exam done, aswell as any outstanding running repairs. I also hope to get the cylinder covers off, and the Crank caps, and do a bit of measuring in these areas to see how our Cylinder Bores are looking, following the re bore last winter and to see if we need any work doing on the coupling rod bushes. We may make a start on some of the bigger jobs depending how we get on, bearing in mind we need the loco serviceable by the end of the month.

January to End of March:
This is the time that I think the boiler should be prepped for its insurance inspection, and the long list of heavy jobs should be tackled, with a view to be ready for traffic at the start of the 2022 season in April.

Working Parties:
My plan personally is to work on the j27 for a couple of hours on weekday evenings after work, to get things gradually progressed. It would be great to work alongside Bill and Ian, and organise J27 and Q6 jobs lists for our mid week working parties as one big group, sharing manpower between the two locomotives. I would be open to organising weekend parties if anybody is particularly interested in getting involved on a Saturday or Sunday, but otherwise, I'll have weekends 'off', and spend some of my free time going to Carnforth and joining Paul's team on the K1.

Please do skim through the jobs list below. If there's anything you are particularly interested in joining in with, taking on as a project, or you have experience in a task and can give some help and guidance, please do let me know.
Cab cleaning, Polishing, Painting, Wooden floor maintenance etc. etc. etc. are all things not listed, but could all do with TLC, if anyone has any ideas and wants to get stuck into that sort of thing, it would be great to hear from you!

Here is the list:

Annual Exam/Measuring.
- Full back head exam.
- Remove cylinder covers to monitor bore wear following bore work last winter.
- Crank pin/coupled rod bush clearances.
- Steam heat safety valve to strip.
- Axle box under keep pad inspection. (Optional?)

Known problems to investigate further.
- Left hand cross head shim or re metal (up and down excessive play)
- Right hand connecting rod little end bush excessive play between the crosshead.
- Right hand connecting rod big end brasses to machine (excessive play brass/crank and also left to right)
- Left hand connecting rod big end brasses to measure.
- Draw Bar needs shortening..
- Cylinder Oil Lubricator output quantities to measure and adjust.
- Smokebox to empty and decision to be made regarding cylinder block protection (brick arch and concrete, some sort of heat resistant paint, a raised steel floor?)

Known Defects to Repair
- Safety valves to machine.
- Slacker valve thread into injector pipe to repair.
- Steam heat leak rear most union nut
- Rear carriage heating steam heat valve passing.
- Roof leak?

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