J27 - 15/16 February 2022

Friday, 18 February 2022 16:08 Chris Lawson J27 Blog

Ian reports (and I can confirm), that Tuesday was a cold, wet, morning at Grosmont, but it became brighter before lunchtime and was a lovely sunny afternoon. Present were Steve Hyman, Chris Lawson, Gordon Wells and Ian Pearson. Bill Dobson popped in at lunch time to check on how things were going and have his lunch.

Ian and I spent most of the day cleaning the J27 frames, wheels and side rods, the latter in prearation for Nigel Hall to give them a fresh coat of red gloss paint the next day.

Wednesday was a mild, stormy, day with strong winds and heavy showers as the start of storm Dudley. The side door had to be tied to the seat outside to stop it banging shut. The team of working enthusiasts were Bill Dobson, Trevor Wilford, Nigel Hall and Ian Pearson.

Nigel rubbed down the J27 buffer beam and gave it another coat of red gloss, then rubbed down the side rods and gave them a coat of red gloss. Afterwards he paid attention to the interior of the cab, cleaning and priming, and also primed the tender floor area.

Moving the J27 down to the running shed so that the new stays could be beaded over is still to be done. The J27's big end brasses are also currently sat in the machine shop at Grosmont in a very long queue of jobs. With the cold exam for the J27 (and Q6) due on 28 February, and time fast running out to get the locomotive ready for the start of operations at the beginning of April, Nick Simpson was due to discuss the move of the J27 with Chris Henwood this week, and Chris Henwood is exploring other options for dealing with the big end brasses.

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