Thursday 27th July 2018

Friday, 03 August 2018 20:38 Nigel Hall J72 Blog

Another week’s progress with the on both Monday and Thursday.

On the technical side, Andy Lowes, James Swainston and Arthur Jenkins dismantled the steam brake on Monday evening. Arthur and Les Harper continued to clean and make measurements on Thursday. The vegetation outside is sufficiently clear for a shunt, so there was no need for anybody to toil in the heat of the day with the loppers this week. A few remarked that the blackberry’s could do with picking. Derek Shorton and Dave Wright managed to clean up the cab. We can now see what needs doing to prepare for painting. Allan Wilson managed to sweep and vacuum up the dust from the floor of the bunker following the needle gunning of previous weeks, and later Colin Smith managed to give the bunker a coat of primer.

So, progress being made.

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