Monday 6th August 2018 - J72 Boiler Lift

Tuesday, 07 August 2018 08:31 Nigel Hall J72 Blog

Yet another warm day at Hopetown for the boiler lift.

The working party began to assemble just before 08:00. Track joined, gates opened, hoses run out, shunter started and oiled. The larger pieces of scrap were placed on a rail trolley and taken to the loading platform behind the gate to Hopetown Lane.

Steve Gibson checked over the J72 and found 2 brackets still in place. He, James Piercy and Tim Williamson soon had them off.

After the first cup of tea, and greeting Fred Ramshaw who had come in to “get in the way”, it was time for off, and the shunting team took the J72 down to the crossing whilst three got on with hoisting the ashpan from the 4’ and onto a rail trolley.

Malcky Simpson takes J72 boiler and chassis to the crossing - Peter Giroux

As J72 was coupled to the weltrol wagon in order to drag it back to the loading position the crane arrived and began to set up. At the other end of the site Ian Pearson arrived with the NYMR flatbed truck, only to lock himself out of the vehicle. Whilst Ian Matthews coordinated the lift, half a dozen spectators were pressed into loading the old boiler tubes onto the NYMR truck whilst Ian desperately phoned around to see if he could find a way to get into the cab again.


The boiler being lifted from the framesa - Peter Giroux

Closaer view as the boiler comes out of the frames - Peter Giroux

Lowerin into position on the weltrol wagon - Peter Giroux

The chassis anf the boiler are dragged back to the workshop - Peter Giroux

Just as the final pieces of scrap were being loaded the shunter reappeared with the J72 rolling chassis, and 10 minutes later returned with the weltrol and the boiler. Ian said his farewell and returned to Grosmont via the scrapyard. 2 tons unloaded there.

Then Stan from Cybertronic arrived to service the alarm system.

Noon: we were all ready for lunch. After a little tidying up afterwards and several ice cream tubs of blackberries being picked, we locked up at about 14:00.

Many thanks to all who helped today. Several areas of work have now opened up – there will be plenty to do on Thursday.

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