Thursday 24th January 2019

Sunday, 27 January 2019 11:40 Nigel Hall J72 Blog

Arthur Jenkins writes:The 13 members at Hopetown for work and healthy eating were:- John Jones, Maurice Bell, Tim Williamson, Paul Mason, James Pearcy, Steve Gibson, Andy Bell, Steve Johnson, Dave Wright, Alan Wilson, Derek Shorten, Roy Marshall & Arthur Jenkins.

Les Coughtrey from the NYMR worked all day on the NDT work and was assisted by John Jones. All the crank pins, gradient pins and coupling rods have been NDT'd. There are a couple of issues:-

  1. A mark on one of the rods at the gradient pin end which looks to have been caused by a lever being used to prise the rods apart.
  2. One of the R/H rods has a horizontal mark on each side which runs the length of the rod.

Both of these issues look minor and will be brought to Neal's attention at the next opportunity. Les will return to continue the work but he might have to miss next Thurs due to car problems.

Maurice Bell made 2 bushes for the K1 ash pan and then continued with the manufacture of the tee piece pins afterwards.

Tim Williamson removed the cylinder & steam pipe studs and made a drawing to allow us to manufacture some new ones.

Paul Mason ran the die nut down the valve and cylinder rod packing followers studs and reports all studs in good condition.

James Pearcy renovated the J27 water valves and also made gaskets for them.

Steve Gibson worked on the K1 ash pan parts.

Andy Bell renovated one of the steam heat pipe shut off valves (one left to do).

Dave Wright, Alan Wilson, Steve Johnson & Derek Shorten worked on cleaning:

  1. J72 pipework
  2. Steam heat bag drain valve (one left to do). The drain valve has a suspect part which will be drawn to Neal's attention to discuss if it needs replacing
  3. The K1 lubricator linkage.

We needed some new wire brushes for the angle grinders and Roy went to buy these.

Roy gave a briefing to the workers later on at the healthy eating tea break concerning changes to the signing on sheet and safety issues.

Arthur did a bit of housekeeping, helped out as necessary and cut up some firewood,

Roy adds:

What Arthur didn't say was that I came back with the wrong wire brushes after leaving the original on the bench as I left!

I also bought some 4" cutting discs and grinding discs, after Steve Gibson said we were low - I did get the right ones.

Tim will be woefully disappointed if you don't mention my shopping error.

I've started to implement the ICE stuff with signing on sheets and notices at Hopetown. Andy Lowes (who laminated the notices) has taken one for Deviation Shed. I should have the ICE holders next week latest. I plan to go to Hopetown on Monday briefly to explain what I'm up to. In the next few days and will do the same at Grosmont next Wednesday.