Thursday 4th July 2019

Friday, 05 July 2019 15:24 Nigel Hall J72 Blog

Too good a day today to spend it at Hopetown.

Tim Williamson took the day off to make hay while the sun shone – though it rained later in the day.

Arthur Jenkins and John Jones continued with machining the spring hangers both Monday evening and Thursday. Allan Wilson, with some assistance from John, finished assembling the engine hoist. With help from Arthur, Dave Wright and Derek Shorton, the hoist was then tried out lifting the re-railing jacks to beneath the J72 frames to provide support when the horn stays are removed. James Swainston spent the morning taking measurements of the axle boxes and horn guides and entering them into his laptops. Colin Smith applied another gloss coat to the tanks and assisted Dave Wright applying another coat to the wheels. Derek Shorton and myself spent the morning tidying up and disposing of the rubbish and then making a little more progress with the nuts and bolts. Colin Bowman and Hugh Pannell came in during the afternoon and continued the battle against the brambles.