Thursday 19th September 2019

Friday, 19 October 2018 00:00 Nigel Hall J72 Blog

Another week at Hopetown. Arthur, John and Nigel had been there on Monday evening to progress machining and a few other small jobs. Today started with the hunt for a substitute for theT2 steam brake isolation valve – see yesterday’s T2 report. Unlike all of our other locomotives, the cab steam services for the J72 are not fed from a backhead manifold. Nothing in the brass store seemed remotely like the size of valve required. I phoned Bill at about 10:00 to break the bad news.

Colin Smith, in dust mask and face shield, dressed the chips in the paintwork of the inner frames. More correctly he dressed the rust beneath where the paint had been chipped. Allan Wilson, after making morning tea for us all, cleaned the dust Colin had created from the surfaces and later I dabbed a bit of anticorrosive primer onto these spots.

Harry Sams has finished making a wooden template for the spark arrestor. If this design is approved then we can commission the construction of the real thing.

Maurice Bell, John, Jones and Arthur Jenkins continued machining the loco springs and spring hangers.

Derek Shorton has returned from his trip to Wilderswil and the lines to Schynige Platte and Grindelwald. He’d been over the line to Kleine Scheidegg and Wengen, and had caught the connection to Jungfraujoch. Back at Hopetown we had remembered his old trade and found him a float for screeding some bad parts of the walkways. We’ve obtained some epoxy sealant and some epoxy self-levelling screed to repair the worst bits before painting. Derek suggested that we needed to (wire) brush out some of the oil covered surface cement, and set about this with a cup brush. He later found a needle gun was quicker. In the afternoon Hugh Pannel arrived and brought in the needle artillery. There was a lot of shouting about dust and noise. I just hope that we haven’t removed too much of the surface.

Just before lunch, Roy Marshall and Norman Crockit arrived. Roy took the open day cupboard key which Norman had brought in to the locksmith for duplication. Unfortunately no blanks, so Roy came back with a new lock and keys which he distributed appropriately. Roy and Norman both left not long after lunch time.