January at Hopetown

Friday, 07 February 2020 21:23 Nigel Hall J72 Blog

15 of us in on 9th, including a visit by Martin Lloyd and his kiwi grandson. 11 in on 16th, but lacking Arthur Jenkins who had damaged his knee in a fall from a kerb, 12 on 23rd with Arthur back, and 15 on 30th. Much tea consumed, much warming by the fire.

On the loco, the front stands have been repositioned in to allow the lifting frame to be moved above the crossheads. The crossheads have been removed and are being cleaned up on the bench. The slide bars were then removed and are stored between the loco frames.

Arthur Jenkins controls the lowering of the slide bar whilst Tim Williamson and Norman Wells guide it past the obstructions. Out of sight is John Jones pulling the chains - Nigel Hall

All except the outer upper fitted bolts holding the cylinder block were removed by heating and hammering. However the lower bolts could not be hammered because of the obstruction of the lifting beam under the cylinder block. These bolts were drilled, tapped and drawn out using a tool made by Maurice Bell.

Machinists Arthur Jenkins and Maurice Bell with the magnetic drill which was recently repaired by Bill Dobson. The hand on the left pouring coolant onto the bit belongs to Ed Bolam. The fitted bolts securing the cylinder block are drilled, tapped and the extractor made by Maurice is then screwed into the countersunk end of the fitted bolt. By tightening the nut on the extractor the fitted bolt can be drawn out - Nigel Hall

With the RHS bolt extraction almost complete, attention will turn to the LHS on Thursday.

Ed Bolam and Colin Smith have almost completed the preparation and priming of the cladding sheets.

The stream heat pipe has been tested, painted, and lagged.

The invitation to tender documents have now been sent to the prospective contractors. Ian Storey conducted a site visit by one contractor on the 30th. He also showed a prospective machining contractor the cylinder block.

A start has been made cutting back the brambles in the hope that we can stay on top of this problem and be able to shunt out the boiler without that obstruction in the spring.

The machinists have been kept busy cutting taper pin holes in the spring hanger pins and servicing the Q6 drain cocks. Six new castings for these have been made by William Lane. They have been taken to M-Machine who will machine them to replace the 3 which are beyond scrapping size. The remaining three blanks will be retained for future use, possibly for other locos.

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