The Steam Test

Tuesday, 09 May 2017 18:48 Mr Administrator J72 Blog


Testing the safety valves outside the Hopetown workshop - Nigel Hall

Today the J72 was steamed to the boiler inspector's satisfaction. The loco then pushed the shunter up the slope to make its way to the running line for a little running in and to check out most systems.

Driver Terry Newman pushes the shunter to the first headshunt whilst Tim Willliamson and Fred Ramshaw watch - Nigel Hall

Doug Blyth, Tim Williamson with point clamp, Fred Ramshaw with bar and Terry Newman changing the point - Nigel Hall

Terry Newman reverses to the bogie bolster wagon - Nigel Hall

Terry Newman waits whilst Fred Ramshaw,  Tim Williamson and Doug Blyth change the next point - Nigel Hall

Fred Ramshaw checks the motion from the step as Terry Newman drives up to the last point. Malcolm Simpson is in the distance ready to couple up the yellow waggon - Nigel Hall

Free at last, the J72 trundles along the running line - Nigel Hall

Tim Williamson, Terry Newman and Doug Blyth watch in as Fred Ramshaw starts along the running line - Nigel Hall

Back again, everything working well - Nigel Hall

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