Saturday 3rd November 2018

Wednesday, 14 November 2018 22:33 Paul Hutchinson K1 Blog

Progress with this year's winter work remains satisfactory. Three of us worked on the loco at Carnforth on Tuesday, four on Wednesday (plus West Coast staff for the boiler lift) three on Thursday and four on Saturday.

Everything went pretty much to plan - the cab, manifold, outer wrapper/barrel cladding and lagging were removed on Tuesday, the boiler was lifted from the frames, separated from the ash pan and back head cladding/lagging removed on Wednesday, a start was made on de-scaling the outer wrapper and cleaning up the barrel on Thursday and on Saturday we continued with the de-scaling, removed 16 of the 24 elements and cleaned the back head cladding ready for repair and painting. In addition more of the small dia vacuum pipework was re-ended and the annual manifold valve exam/service has been started, and very nearly finished (just one valve head to skim and lap in).

Meanwhile, at Hopetown, work continued on the repainting of the various K1 bits that have been dropped of there.

This coming week there will be working parties at Carnforth on Thursday, Friday and Saturday when, amongst other things the de-scaling work will continue (hopefully to completion) the remaining elements will be extracted and removal of the small tubes will be progressed. We should, therefore, be in a position to undertake the necessary examinations/NDT work by the middle of this month.

While we are doing quite well at Carnforth at the moment we could do with more help to keep up the momentum and avoid, as far as possible, paying someone to do work we can do ourselves. Therefore, if you are willing and able to help on any or all of the above mentioned days I would be very pleased to hear from you. As usual the company car should be available.