Saturday 16th March 2019

Tuesday, 26 March 2019 20:35 Paul Hutchinson K1 Blog

Just a brief update this week.

The last few days could have been better for the K1. While we have essentially finished the painting of the coupled wheels and frames and all but completed the replacement of the defective roof stay nuts, we found that the leak on the "J" pipe/steam pipe joint was due to a fracture in the "J" pipe. While this can be repaired it will have to be sent away. As it may save time by dropping the "J" pipe off for repair (to Derbyshire) if any one is available to do this on Monday or Tuesday next week then I would be very grateful to hear from you. The company car will be available for this If needed.

In addition to the problem with the "J" pipe the trial fitting of the ash pan revealed far more distortion than we anticipated. This distortion is not due to the work we have recently carried out but can only be attributable to the stress imposed upon it while in use. While it was not apparent at the time, the ash pan must have "relaxed" as it was released from the foundation ring.

The solution has been to effectively cut the ash pan in two. We did this yesterday and now have a satisfactory fit to the foundation ring. There is now, however, a one inch gap to fill between the front and middle hoppers.

In view of the delays caused and the additional work generated by the problems outlined above, coupled with the fact that we are already well behind schedule, there will be working parties every day except Friday next week. Other than possibly being needed to take the "J" pipe for repair the company car should be available if required.