Jacobite Photos

Friday, 12 July 2019 18:21 Arthur Jenkins K1 Blog

A set of photographs from Arthur Jenkins taken during 13th to 28th June at Ft William.

14th June. The birthday headboard is trial fitted, a little late for the actual birthday - Arthur Jenkins

15th June. The K1 with a warming fire in front of a rain threatened Ben Nevis - Arthur Jenkins

15th June. Reflection in the hydrant puddle - Arthur Jenkins

15th June with even more rain on its way - Arthur Jenkins

16th June. The Jacobite train with the extra headboard on RHS lamp bracket with al bottle of a beer once brewed in Newcastle - Arthur Jenkins

... which the driver pours over the ballast whilst his fireman grits his teeth - Arthur Jenkins

The crew; John Midcalf, Garry Stainburn, Margaret Stainburn, Driver John Hunt, Arthur Jenkins, Jonathan Wilkinson, Fireman Neal Woods - somebody using Arthur Jenkins's camera

Driver Hunt awaiting the arrival of the sprinter from Mallaig at Glenfinnan - Arthur Jenkins

Mallaig, John Midcalf points to the sign - Arthur Jenkins

19th June at Glenfinnan and the K1 again awaits the arrival of the sprinter from Mallaig - Arthur Jenkins

Still waiting for the sprinter - Arthur Jenkins

John Barns, Glenfinnan Station owner - Arthur Jenkins

21st June. Shunting the stock at Mallaig - Arthur Jenkins

Shunting the stock at Mallaig - Arthur Jenkins

23rd Jun. End of week ice cream at Mallaig: Arthur Jenkins, John Midcalf and Jonathan Wilkinson - somebody with Arthur Jenkins camera

27th June. The washout crew of Mike Bloomfield, Paul Hutchinson, Angie Buxton, Arthur Jenkins, John Midcalf and Les Harper pose by the loco - somebody with Arthur Jenkins's camera