Saturday 21 September 2019

Saturday, 21 September 2019 00:00 Paul Hutchinson K1 Blog

5 of us turned up at Deviation Shed on Sunday, including Ken Morrison all the way from Bo'ness.

Most of the day was spent doing a few jobs to the K1, including dropping the fire, swilling out the ash pan, recutting the fireman's side injector steam valve seat, attending to the LH piston packing, replacing the mesh on the front section of the blast pipe spark arrestor and cleaning/lapping in both clack valves.

We also had a look at one of the splasher securing bolts on the Q6. This turned out to be damaged beyond repair so will need to be replaced.

As it was a nice evening when we finished we had a well deserved pint outside the Station Tavern on the way home.

Next working party Wednesday to get our 3 engines at Grosmont gleaming for the NELPG day on Thursday. All welcome but please bring some cleaning rags with you if you can.