Saturday 9th November 2019

Monday, 18 November 2019 22:32 Paul Hutchinson K1 Blog

A satisfactory couple of days on the Q6 and K1 last weekend. 9 of were there on Saturday and 10 on Sunday. Saskia, Kenny Morrison and Nigel Dyson deserve a special mention as they travelled a long way to spend both days working with us.

Work continued on removing the steam pipes from the Q6's smoke box. By Sunday afternoon removal of the spark arrestor had been completed the LH steam pipe had been removed and a good start had been made on the RH. In addition both cylinder covers had been removed as has the steam brake isolating valve.

On the K1 the boiler insurance and main line cold exams had been carried out on Friday, neither of which raised any unexpected issues. Following the exams the safety valves were serviced and reassembled. They were refitted on Saturday.

Other work carried out to the K1 over the weekend included splitting removing and cleaning the pistons and crossheads on both sides (the crossheads have since been dropped off at M Machine, Darlington for white metaling and machining) valve liners and steam chests de-carboned and cleaned, piston valve heads and rings de-carboned, cleaned, reassembled and refitted, both cylinder bores cleaned, tender drained, washout plugs refitted, gauge frames reassembled, regulator handle removed, tender brake tables cleaned, pressure gauges removed and throat plate mud hole openings prepared for welding (to be undertaken by Mark O'Brien). A start was also made on changing the 31 roof stay nuts requiring replacement.