28th October 2020

Wednesday, 28 October 2020 00:00 Paul Hutchinson K1 Blog

After a successful move from Fort William to Carnforth on 28th Sept the support crew removed the side rods and speedo bracket and drained the tender tank on the 29th in readiness for tyre turning. All went well with that but unfortunately generator that powers the wheel lathe failed and has to date, been impossible to repair.

To cut a long story short a temporary replacement is now being brought on to site and will be installed later this week. The K1 will therefore finally get on to the lathe on Monday.

As we were not sure when the loco would get on to the lathe we could not do too much during the wait. However Angie and I have been over a couple of times to drop the fire, do a bit of frost protection (to loco and coach) and a few other minor jobs, the most significant of which has been servicing the graduable steam brake valve (which we did at home and refitted it yesterday).

The plan from here is that I will go over to witness the tyre turning which I hope will be completed by Wednesday next week. There will then be a working party to reassemble the loco on Friday. The speedo will be recalibrated before fitting. I have (today) requested a move to Grosmont for early in the week commencing 9th Nov and will let you know as soon as this is confirmed.