1st March 2021

Monday, 01 March 2021 00:00 Paul Hutchinson K1 Blog

We had working parties on Wednesday and Thursday (Angie and me working on the K1 both days) and Saturday (Angie, Mike B, Scott M and me on the K1).

Over the 3 days the following work was undertaken:

  1. Annual service of blower valve completed and refitted.
  2. 5 hornstay bolt holes on driving wheel set reamed true and new bolts fitted to 4 of them. 3 more holes to ream and 4 bolts to fit.
  3. Reaming of tender brake piston and con rod little end holes started.
  4. Both cylinders cleaned internally, cover studs cleaned and sealing faces prepared for refitting.
  5. Both driver's side injector intermediate air ministry joints split (joints to be remade).
  6. Steam chest pressure gauge supply pipe annealed, front section refitted, union fittings removed from intermediate section - to be replaced with new fittings.
  7. Two cracks to the rear of tender tank welded and filled - further filling and painting to be progressed this week (weather permitting).
  8. Building up (with weld) of thin areas of the smokebox door sealing ring completed.
  9. New baffle plate trimmed to correct profile/shape.