The NELPG Patron Scheme

Monday, 11 July 2011 15:40 David Pennock


An appeal by Andrew Scott, NELPG President

The Patron scheme is aimed particularly at both new and existing members who are prepared to give more to support the activities of the working members– although if you are an existing regular volunteer, your contribution is still welcome!

NELPG deliberately keeps its membership fee low to ensure there is no economic barrier to joining and to allow the building of a wide volunteer base. But as a consequence, annual membership dues only pay for the News and not much else.

Many of NELPG's members already supplement their membership fee by making regular donations through direct debit. In the past, although we’ve been grateful, we haven’t recognised this generosity. Now we are launching a Patron scheme for new and existing members who contribute in this way.

For a contribution of £5 per month or more you can become a Patron and I’m inviting you to join their ranks. In addition if you are a UK tax payer Patron contributions will qualify for Gift Aid. For every £10 you give using Gift Aid, it's worth £12.50 to the NELPG.

Please fill in the Patron Application Form from link to add and you too can become a Patron. To thank you for your support, Patrons will receive normal membership benefits plus the opportunity, for example, to participate and experience:

A minimum of one event for Patrons is proposed in any one year and this will be announced both in NELPG News and on the Group’s web site when the first event is confiremed.

As a Patron member you would

The application form and Patron membership details are available via that link.

Becoming a Patron will help NELPG ensure that as many as possible of the Group’s locos are kept in steam. Once the J27 returns to service in 2013 we are likely to have, for four years thereafter, all FOUR engines running. The Q6’s boiler ticket runs out in 2018 and, if the Patron scheme is a success then the necessary overhaul can take place straight away – another 25 year wait is too much to contemplate!

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